11 Animals Who Were Not Blessed With Aging Gracefully. Yikes.

Everyone starts out as an adorable baby. Everyone. But then puberty happens and you’re left with whatever the aftermath gives you to work with for the rest of your life.

These poor animals aren’t so lucky when it comes to aging gracefully. If you thought spotting one little wrinkle or grey hair was bad, just wait ’til you see what these guys have to deal with. Yikes.

1.) Pigs are slightly less babe-ly when they get older.

2.) Camels are almost like long-necked deer as children.

3.) Komondor Dogs start out as adorable as every other pup before growing out their unique hairstyle.

4.) Hatchetfish apparently see horrible, horrible things as they become adults.

5.) Hyenas have innocent baby faces that could fool anyone.

6.) Star-Nosed Moles go from sweet little faces to sci-fi monsters.

7.) Aye Ayes go from cuddly to crazy-eyes.

8.) Coconut Crabs start out teeny tiny and then they really grow up.

9.) Proboscis Monkeys display how DNA can make nose jobs necessary.

10.) Elephant Seals, too.

11.) Lumpfish look so friendly as babies and soul-sucking as adults.

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Aging isn’t fun for anyone, but at least we don’t have to worry about ending up like a lumpfish. Yikes!

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