16 Incredibly Useful Hacks That You Shouldn’t Travel Without

It’s no secret that traveling has its rewards — you get to see a new place, experience new things, and come home with tons of photos to make your friends jealous. But the act of actually booking flights, redeeming airline miles, and dealing with the fine print along the way can cause more than just a headache.

In an effort to make your travel experience seamless from start to finish, check out these cool hacks. Not only will they save you money, they’ll also save you annoyance!

1. Oftentimes, Google Flights, Momondo, and Skyscanner have the cheapest flights available.

2. Always travel with your passport in case there is a need for an international redirect.

3. When you buy a cheap flight, make sure you read all the details carefully so you don’t get scammed out of frequent flyer miles and the like.

4. A lot of times, if you are polite and ask hotel personnel for a late check-out, they will give it to you. Ask “What’s the latest I can check out?” to test the waters.

5. The gas at the stations outside of airports is usually cheaper. Fill up your rental car’s tank there.

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6. Renting a car with the same car company every time will earn you loyalty points, which can lead to a discounted rate.

7. You should always sign up for airline points clubs. Using the same carrier often will build to elite status faster, which means upgrades, extra legroom seats, and other perks.

8. American Express Platinum cards can get you access to private airport lounges.

9. Booking non-U.S. airlines for international flights often means better amenities and sometimes even cheaper fares.

10. To avoid ridiculous car rental extension or overdue fees, book your vehicle for a day longer, if you think you’ll need it. There’s never a charge for returning the car early.

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11. Want to check your bags but don’t want to pay for it? A lot of times, right before you board the plane, airlines will check it for free. If you can get it through security, take advantage of that.

12. Don’t want to buy alcohol on the flight but still want a drink? Just pour some in small, cleaned-out toiletry bottles. Ask for a mixer in-flight and there you go!

13. If you don’t mind, purchase connecting flights. They’re usually cheaper and you’ll most likely get more frequent flyer miles.

14. Booking combination packages is almost always cheaper than buying plane tickets, hotel stays, and rental cars separately.

15. If you are booking a flight on a company’s website and don’t complete the transaction, once you go to Facebook, an ad for that company will appear and take you right back to the transaction page.

16. Flying into or out of non-hub airports can save you a ton of money. If there’s an airport that is nearby but isn’t the largest one, fly there instead of the larger option. It’s usually cheaper and can even add more miles to your airline program.

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These travel hacks will take you a long way…literally! Have any travel hacks of your own? Share them in the comments below.

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