Angry lefties scold SCOTUSblog for Hobby Lobby decision; Just one problem…!/JumpyNelson/status/483645678749376513

SCOTUSblog is a fantastic resource for learning about all-things related to the U.S. Supreme Court. The SCOTUSblog Twitter feed says on the main page that they are “a private blog about the Supreme Court of the U.S.”

“Private,” as in “not part of the Supreme Court.”

But learning the background information about SCOTUSblog before commenting isn’t on the agenda for some who are angry with this morning’s Supreme Court decision on the Hobby Lobby case.

SCOTUSblog retweeted many and provided a funny running commentary about the cluelessness:!/SCOTUSblog/status/483629641232441344!/SCOTUSblog/status/483639453563367425!/SCOTUSblog/status/483640060810498048!/SCOTUSblog/status/483648607363407874!/SCOTUSblog/status/483650174946799616!/SCOTUSblog/status/483654823510695936!/SCOTUSblog/status/483658397833650177!/SCOTUSblog/status/483659841202704386

Oh the irony:!/SCOTUSblog/status/483655972443811841

Sheer genius!

@SCOTUSblog retweeted this evidence that reality is a hard sell:!/WollyWollenberg/status/483660302677196800

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to include additional tweets.



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