As It Turns Out, The Maddest Thing About March Isn’t Your Basketball Bracket

If there’s one thing that makes perfectly normal people turn into TV-obsessed monsters, it’s March Madness.

But if you’re a basketball fan yourself who just can’t focus on anything else or you can’t seem to pull your husband away from the TV, this little tidbit of insanity will make you feel better about your situation.

So what am I talking about? Vasectomies, friends. Because life is weird and nothing makes sense, doctors notice an uptick in vasectomies every year when March Madness rolls around. The reason why is pure “why are humans like this” gold.

This increase in male snippage is so intense every year that some physicians offer vasectomy specials. What a time to be alive.

The best urologists among us even offer pizza deals…PIZZA DEALS…to pair with a good ol’ clip to the vas deferens. The inspiration behind this trend is not, as you might imagine, the unbridled lovemaking that comes with working your way up the bracket toward office victory.

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