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‘Birdbrains of a feather’: Guess who wants to see Piers Morgan ‘back on the air’!/czechov/status/438012344522653696 Alec Baldwin took a break from giving up on public life to offer some words of encouragement to the recently-canned Piers Morgan:!/ABFalecbaldwin/status/438010704290131968 The fuzzy feelings were mutual:!/piersmorgan/status/438010908300673024 Ain’t that sweet?!/castle_roberts/status/438014605479399424 Oh, the lulz! *** Related: ‘Maybe Dana Loesch is hiring’: NYT reports Piers Morgan’s show ending; Career speculation ensues Harry Shearer puts Piers Morgan’s ‘imprisoned by news cycle’ quote into sporty perspective ‘Top Gear’ host Jeremy Clarkson definitely isn’t crying over spilt Piers Morgan ‘Splendid explanation’: Possible reasons for failure of Piers Morgan’s show in a […]

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