Can’t afford a trip to Africa? Consider these Obama middle class vacation ideas!/crusherfish/status/345613458508759040

As Twitchy reported, the Obamas are gearing up for an African excursion that could wind up costing taxpayers a cool $100 million. It’s really important, you guys:!/lesleyclark/status/345626178805174272

Chances are, though, that if you’re one of those taxpayers, you’d have trouble affording such an expensive vacay. But don’t worry — tweeters are offering up a host of vacation ideas for those Americans who have to foot their own bills:!/me_llamo_Anna/status/345613057805930496!/CandiLissa/status/345613044975542272!/strinam/status/345604053549604864



But if none of those ideas will work for you, there’s always this route:!/whatthe_fuzz/status/345615499478065152


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