Fashionistas go gaga for Phillip Lim’s new line of Target handbags [photos]!/TargetCanada/status/379204761372749827

Designer Phillip Lim introduced a line of handbags, clothing, and other accessories for retailer Target last night. In a social media coup for Lim and Target, the hashtag #philliplimfortarget was trending before and after midnight, when the products became available for sale online.  This morning, handbag shoppers all over the U.S. and Canada are waiting in line outside Target stores, eager to buy the Phillip Lim items.!/chescaleigh/status/379207864155643904!/rachelcohen22/status/379206938678263808!/nopantsuits/status/379206416361615361!/dwayneluxury/status/379207869671170048!/frivofrugalista/status/379212148204773378!/andielee33/status/379211905048793088!/LeeLeeLuxy/status/379211047070343168!/thepearshape/status/379210453366239232!/NinaCortes/status/379210126412242944!/rachaelpais/status/379208688797749248

Just one question:!/T_DOTgirl/status/379210288241053696

We were wondering the same thing.

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