For Your Next Vacation, How About Staying At A Hotel In A Crane?

Looking for the perfect vacation spot that combines your love of construction equipment with your love of the Netherlands? Then look no further than the Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel in Amsterdam or the Crane Hotel in Harlingen.

Both of these (literally) towering hotels are built in the skeletons of old construction cranes. Booking a weekend here is worth it just for the bragging rights. It doesn’t hurt that they offer the latest and greatest modern amenities (not to mention stunning views). Just check out these pictures. So beautiful. 

Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel in Amsterdam as seen from the ground.

Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel has three suites to choose from. Pictured below is the Secret Suite

More pics of the Secret Suite.

The Mystique Suite.

The Mystique Suite from a different angle.

The Free Spirit Suite.

Another view of the Free Spirit Suite.

Of course the Faralda has a hot tub at the top, 15 stories up.

Guests at the Faralda can also bungee jump from the top for an extra fee.

The view of Amsterdam at night from the Faralda.

If Amsterdam is not your cup of tea, then maybe the Crane Hotel in city of Harlingen north of Amsterdam is the place for you. 

Unlike the Faralda, the Crane Hotel in Harlingen only has one room with space for two people.

That makes it much more exclusive.

View looking out from the deck.

Looks like a comfy bed.

Another shot of the bedroom.

It’s also located in an active harbor. So cool!

(H/T: Lost At E Minor)

Now that would be one heck of way to spend a vacation. Show your friends these crazy hotels by sharing this post on Facebook. 


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