George Lopez tweets from Dodgers’ Twitter account; Hilarity does not ensue!/dylanohernandez/status/367854613413634049

At Wednesday night’s Dodgers game versus the Mets, alleged comedian George Lopez was given access to the ball club’s Twitter account, where he started posting his own brand of unique humor:!/Dodgers/status/367840093613998081!/Dodgers/status/367842677959585792!/Dodgers/status/367847946458365952!/Dodgers/status/367853740276985856!/Dodgers/status/367866139553959936

As you can see, it was not exactly an all-star performance. And there were many on Twitter who voiced their regret:!/PeterSinger724/status/367858620924297216!/_321yess_1/status/367856134423457792!/KevinPaddles/status/367851700951867394!/TeeTheTwinJones/status/367850227086020608!/Levi_V24/status/367847392965455873!/mrskopitar/status/367867477364965376!/land0e97/status/367867427658280960!/_GrandPaD/status/367862577168011265

Ouch! That stung like a 96 mph baseball to the helmet! Lopez’s late night talk show was canceled by TBS back in 2011.

In case you’re wondering, the Dodgers won the game.


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