Geraldo finds something familiar in ‘fiercely patriotic’ Vladimir Putin’s vault!/GeraldoRivera/status/379756177640263680

We thought Roseanne Barr had reached the true limit of the 140-character tweet with her broadside against the “ponzi pedo priestclass pirates predators and psychopathic popes of PATRIARCHY.” You know; those guys. Tonight, Geraldo Rivera has his mind on Russian President Vladimir Putin, who reminds him of somebody. But who?!/laymncnsrvativ/status/379761083822534657!/AplusPete/status/379763076418920448

Geraldo did manage to leave out the fine detail of Putin’s Communist history, not to mention his hardline pro-shirtless/anti-hoodie stance.!/adamannapolis/status/379756493651718144!/BenjiWhitehead/status/379760436201410560!/DeatonCAPT/status/379764972437667840!/CoeJared/status/379763720806600704

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