Not Only Is This A Dream House, It’s Also Full Of Something Awesome.

This multi-million dollar mansion isn’t just a multi-million dollar mansion; it’s an automobile showroom, too. You technically don’t have to be a car lover to want to live in this dream home, but it sure would help.

The only way a car enthusiast could love this house more is if it had wheels. Then again, if you have any money leftover after purchasing it, you could probably arrange for such a thing (for an additional couple million, of course). Take a look at this car lover’s dream home, and you’ll never being able to look at another house the same way again.

(via izismile)

That’s certainly one way to get that new car smell inside of your house. Personally, I would have just bought one of those air-freshening cardboard trees, but it’s not like I entertain too often.

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