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This Sweet Dog Was Abandoned At A Shelter, And You’ll Be Stunned When You See Why

Those of us who have visited shelters know that they’re filled to the brim with animals that are in desperate need of finding forever homes. Many people who take on pets forget that these animals need to be treated like family. Thousands of them are abandoned each year because people think they’re too needy, too rough with kids, or too aggressive. But not many are left behind because they’re too affectionate. Meet Jubilee. She’s the adorable one-year-old pup that was abandoned because she always wanted to be […]

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You Throw These Out Every Day, But She Gives Them New Life As Beautiful Art

When it comes to drinking tea, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting that nasty little tea bag out of your mug and into the garbage can. Even though they steep into something that we all love, the little packets are less than appealing when they become saturated messes. But artist Ruby Silvious could not agree with that statement less. The Tacloban City-born creator has a passion for repurposing what most of us see as trash into evocative works of art, and one of her collections — fittingly […]

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