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Patriotic Russian Cat Stands At Attention Each Time The Russian National Anthem Plays.

This hilarious and oddly strange home video of a cat standing at attention when its owner plays the Russian national anthem on his phone is taking the Internet by storm. That isn’t so surprising when you consider the Internet’s love for everything kitty. (Not to mention, this cat in particular is absolutely awesome.) As soon as the chorus of the anthem starts, “Russia, our sacred homeland. Russia, our beloved country”, comrade kitty rears up on its hind legs, lifts its two front paws and maintains a rigid position for […]

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Watch As These Cute Kittens And Cats Take On Brooms In An Epic Battle.

The battle between cats and brooms is a rivalry so epic that it dates back centuries. This awesome fight started in a time when brooms had wooden handles and the bristles were made from broom corn. This is a struggle that any cat owner knows well. You start to clean the house, and that’s when your feline friend decides it’s time to mess up your plans. Watch this adorable compilation video of cats fighting brooms below: (Source: Fabulous Mr. Pug) The best cats are those that latch onto the broom and […]

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A Vet Took In A Sick Cat. Three Years Later, They Made A Shocking Discovery.

Most house pets dread a trip to the vet…but when a cat named Cotone went to the doctor’s office recently, he never could have known the happy surprise waiting for him! Back in 2013, the Sicconi family moved with their two orange tabbies. Unfortunately, though, Tuffo wandered away from home. He didn’t return and for three years, they thought the worst. The family moved on, but Cotone was never quite the same. Then one day, they went to the veterinarian’s office and were shocked with the surprise […]

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