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These 11 Schemes Were Meant To Kill And Shame Fidel Castro, But They All Failed

Before Fidel Castro died of failing health on Friday, November 25, he survived an incredible 638 assassination attempts. The attempts were planned and executed during Castro’s reign as President of Cuba from 1975 to 2008. Ironically, it was the dictator’s own vices and failing health that led him to turn over power to his younger brother, Raúl Castro, in 2008. However, for 33 years, he managed to survive one attempt to kill and shame him after another. He once said, “If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic […]

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Yikes: CBS News reports that CIA is looking for ‘insider traitor’ who stole secret docs

what https://t.co/PSxdpqfta1 — Seth Mandel (@SethAMandel) April 19, 2017 Trouble over at the CIA? BREAKING: @jeffpeguescbs reports manhunt underway for insider traitor in #CIA. Theft of thousands of secret documents. @CBSEveningNews — PETER MAER (@petermaer) April 19, 2017 More from CBS News Homeland Security correspondent Jeff Pegues: THE CIA + FBI BELIEVE AN INSIDER NOT A HACKER STOLE THOUSANDS OF DOCS +CIA TOOLS PUBLISHED IN MARCH BY WIKILEAKS. MORE ON @CBSEveningNews — Jeff Pegues (@jeffpeguescbs) April 19, 2017 The #CIA zeroes in on an insider in connection […]

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