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It Looks Like They’re Fighting, But Keep Watching…This Horse And Dog Are BFFs!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: friendship truly knows no species or size. Another heartwarming example of this can be found on a farm in Russia. Rita the horse loves to run around with her best friend…who just so happens to be a playful pup. Though the two have been separated since the filming of this play session, watching videos of their time together only reminds us that friendship never dies. If these two friends can have this much fun together, we know they’ll […]

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These 23 Animals With Stuffed Animals Of Themselves Will Make You Look Twice. Then Die Of Cuteness.

There’s a reason that stuffed animals sell by the truckloads every year. They’re a cute, low-cost, less-responsibility alternative to a real animal. That’s why we all buy them for our kids who, thankfully, seem to be satisfy by this. But what happens when you buy a stuffed animal for an animal? And what happens if that animal looks like said animal? Well…this happens. 1. Kitten spooning is the best. 2. Daddy? 3. Which one is real? 4. He is not a fan of his stuffed brother. 5. […]

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Heartbroken Mama Dog Has An Incredible Reunion With Her Adorable Puppies

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); When a Good Samaritan came across a lactating pit bull wandering the streets of Christchurch, New Zealand, he knew that he needed to help. The poor dog was dragging a rope and a heavy padlock behind her. The kind stranger assumed that she’d just given birth and that her puppies were nearby. However, the litter was nowhere to be found and the heartbroken mother dog had to spend the night in the pound, missing her pups like crazy. The day after, a volunteer […]

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This Dog Absolutely Most Definitely Did Not Dig Those Holes In The Lawn

Before I adopted my golden retriever, my backyard used to be full of lush, green grass. But just a few months after bringing him home, the ground looked more like a wasteland of dirt than an actual lawn. I caught him countless times digging away back there, but his hilariously shameful reactions always made my anger dissipate almost instantly. Lexi the corgi has a lot in common with my guilty pup. She was happy to dig some holes in her yard, but once her dad found out […]

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These Babies Are Experiencing Things For The First Time – And It’s Adorable.

Childhood is a time when literally everything is a wonderful new discovery. As jaded grown ups, we sometimes forget how exciting it was to experience things for the first time. For better (chocolate) or for worse (lemon), there’s nothing like the feeling of a life-changing epiphany. Take a minute to embrace your inner child and check out these adorable little ones who are uncovering some of life’s little mysteries.  The first time you see the sky explode with fireworks: YouTube The first time you witness the magic […]

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