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Colleagues Quickly Realized That The Speech Given By This Writer Would Be His Last

While giving a speech to the press in Thrissur back in 2007, Indian writer and academic M. N. Vijayan — also known as Vijayan Mash — suddenly stopped talking and made a chilling face. It was a look that unfortunately signaled the end of his life. The publicly recorded death of Vijayan is surrounded by controversy to this day, since friends blame Professor Sukumar Azhikode for bringing him to the conference even though he knew that the writer was having heart troubles. Below are the final moments […]

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The 9 Things That Happen To You When You Die, According To These People.

Is there an afterlife? That’s a question most people struggle with, but we won’t know until we perish from this life. … Or will we? There have been many cases where people claim they have died and saw the afterlife, but were then brought back to life. Their stories are truly fascinating, even comforting, and maybe even a little bit terrifying. The most interesting part is also the creepiest: many of these strangers shared similar experiences while they were “dead.”  This is what they all saw, heard and felt: 1.) The […]

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