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‘Lock him up, too’: Kerry used ‘non-official’ address to email classified info to Hillary

Yep. We’re definitely in the best of hands: More from the Washington Examiner: State Department spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday then-Sen. John Kerry used a “non-official” email address to send Hillary Clinton information in 2011 that has since been classified. The emails between Kerry and Clinton were included among a small batch of records made public by the State Department Friday. It had been upgraded to “secret,” the level of classification in government above “confidential,” but below “top secret.” “I can tell you the [email] that we […]

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Does #OnwardTogether prove Hillary’s cool with ‘dark money’ if it goes to her?

@teddyschleifer Can She Just Do A Good Deed Without Y'all Trying To Destroy Her Efforts? — Hiram Abiff (@Huey_G_Newton) May 15, 2017 Now that Hillary’s out of the woods, so to speak, she can get back to doing what she does so well: Convincing people to throw their money at her. She claims her new venture, “Onward Together,” will “encourage people to get involved, organize, and even run for office.” All she needs to get this thing off the ground is some cash. And she apparently won’t […]

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