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They Were A Seemingly Normal Family — But They Were Hiding A Dark Secret

Family-related suicides, more commonly referred to as familicides in the media, have seen a rise in recent years. Of the roughly 16,000 murders committed annually in the United States, almost 2,000 of them involve parents or family members. Shocking research has discovered that a child is more likely to be killed by their own parents than by a complete stranger. Men most frequently take the lives of their family members when they feel as though they have let their families down and can no longer take the […]

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Activists insist suicidal teen was killed by police

As Twitchy reported yesterday, the Normandy Police Department, located very near Ferguson, Mo., announced that an 18-year-old had shot himself once after exchanging fire with police officers. The teen had shot at policefirst, and after a failed attempt to use a Taser, police returned firebut missed. Then teen then ran off and attempted to take his life with a single gunshot that left him in critical condition. Instantaneously, word began to spread throughout the neighborhood and on social media that police had shot and killed the teen. […]

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2 Chickens Saw Rabbits Fighting…So They Stepped In And Broke Things Up!

When you think of bunnies, these cute fluffernutters probably come to mind. Reddit / huskyrussianbear I mean, they’re adorable! Reddit / relcreations What you might not have expected is how aggressive they can get when they’ve got a bone — or carrot — to pick with one another. When these particular bunnies were going at it, two chickens were nearby and couldn’t help but overhear the squabble. So they decided to do what any Good chicken Samaritan would do… I guess animals often have to act as […]

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