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The Reason Why He Pours Dish Soap Down A Toilet Is Surprisingly Cool. I Had No Idea!

One of my worst fears is seeing a clogged toilet. As it quickly fills up towards the brim, there’s a desperate struggle to find a way to make it stop before it spills all over the floor. Which is exactly why when, in a panic, some feel the need to reach for a plunger. They hope they can force the clog to go through the pipes with sheer determination. But after witnessing the incredibly simple life hack presented below, we hope you’ll never again worry about such […]

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This Kid Just Started Walking Off The Field, But He Was Pulling The Best Trick Play Ever

In an amazing display of brawn and brain, the quarterback of this peewee football team just pulled off an incredible trick play. Instead of running a normal play, he caught the snap and fooled everyone. The payoff? Peewee poetry in motion. Just when you think he’s quitting football forever and walking off the field, he turns and does something so awesome. It’s not too hard to score when there’s no one around to tackle you! Smart move, my man. Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/peewee-trick-play/

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