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12 Tips And Tricks You Should Use When Shopping Online To Save Big Time

Where do you go to find the best deals? Odds are, you’re not going into a store first. More than ever, people are combing The Web for the best prices on everything from clothing to technology. In fact, in 2015 alone, e-commerce sales totaled more than $300 billion. But with so many stores trying to woo you and your dollars, there’s so much false advertising…so how do you know you’re really getting the best deal? Well, look no further than this list — we’ll tell you where […]

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Have A Webcam? Better Put A Password On It, Because Someone Could Be Watching You

Through the magic of the Internet, we can speak to friends and family across the globe by flipping on our webcams, but it seems that this power comes with a price. A website called Shodan purports itself to be a search engine for “internet-connected devices,” which basically means that all anyone has to do is run a search and they can view you through your own webcam. No biggie…someone just might be watching you right now. Shodan was created in 2009, and it allows users to search […]

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