These Hunters Found A Buck Struggling In A Sink Hole. They Decided To Save It.

Society has differing views on hunting. Some view hunters as brutal savages, often killing innocent animals in the wild for sport rather than food. Others see hunting as a cultural heritage bringing us closer to our parents, society, and ancestors.

Regardless of what you believe, not all hunters are bad people. In fact, most strive to ensure the survival of nature itself. After all, they have a vested interest in its continued existence. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised to see what happens when three hunters came across a deer stuck in a sinkhole. What they did will amaze you.

(via 22 Words)

The deer must feel like he hit the jackpot, especially since the father in the video later made this comment:

“I love hunting the animals and love to share the experience with others as well. I definitely would not have harvested this animal for the fact that it is too immature.”

Even though they’d probably hunt this deer if they ran across it in the future, it’s good to see these hunters took pity on an animal in need.

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