These TV News Fails Are Almost Too Unbelievable. Someone’s Gonna Get It!

We are supposed to keep updated about current events from the news. They are supposed to be a trusted organization that will give unbiased reports about what is going on in the world. But! They are humans and humans are prone to error. Here are some of the most ridiculous news fails we’ve ever seen. They change the story, they make people look like fools, and most importantly, they make the news look stupid.

1.) Look at the stop sign.

2.) Somebody put that home on the fire prevention squad!

3.) That’s always breaking news.

4.) Photobombed!

5.) Poor Norah.

6.) We just jumped past 3-10.

7.) Snake getting frisky.

8.) Yea, but what’s her last name?

9.) It was a convincing impression!

10.) Who does that?!

11.) I may go on vacation to “Location.”

12.) But who knows? It might be pretty rad.

13.) Oh boy, what a typo.

14.) I bet he is a pretty cool kid.

15.) Obamney!

16.) Oh, that’s illegal.

17.) This one is a thinker if you don’t know geography.

18.) That’s an odd name.

19.) You hate to see that.

20.) That’s just wrong.

21.) I…I…I think we got him.

Stick to watching Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert if you are looking for news stories that don’t take themselves too seriously. They have a sense of humor about themselves and don’t allow stuff like this to happen (and if it does, it’s still awesome).

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