They Heard Unbearably Loud Sounds Coming From Their Walls. When They Cut Into It…Holy Cow!

A woman named Paula Tiberius and her husband, Richard, had a very unique problem that ended in both surprise and adorability. Before all of this took place, they discovered a cat that had given birth to a litter a few days earlier. They found one of the kittens in their garage, but when they returned, the little cutie was gone.

That’s when unbearably loud sounds started coming from the walls of their house. After hearing this for a couple of days, Paula was on a mission to figure out what was going on. That’s when all of this happened.

They finally isolated where the sound was coming from. So Richard went to work on it.

As he removed a piece of the wall, the sound got louder and louder. I’m sure you can guess what it was…

…a kitten!

They pulled the little guy out of the wall. It must’ve been stuffy in there.

Thankfully, Paula has a friend who knew exactly what to do.

First, they gave him a bath. They discovered that his entire body was covered in fleas. They were deeply buried under the fur and blood even flowed into the drain. Vets said that most kittens die when faced with such severe flea bites.

After picking the fleas out one by one, here he is – looking a bit rough but much better!

All dried off and looking like a brand new kitty.

They took a picture of the kitty’s gray patch. It looks like a heart.

Once they reached the vet, a man named Dr. Shazad took good care of him. He gave him worm treatment and some eye ointment

Finally, the kitty was left with some fine people from an organization called Petopia. He’s in great hands now, and they decided to name him Valentino because of the heart-shaped spot on his head.

Meanwhile, back at Paula and Richard’s house, the walls have finally stopped meow’ing.

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