Fast, furious nerve: Obama blames US, gun smuggling for Mexican violence!/hubofthewheel/status/330358124542304258

Speaking this morning in Mexico, President Obama got to the root of the country’s violence epidemic. From Reuters, via The Right Scoop:

Drug-fueled violence in Mexico is not entirely the fault of the Mexican people, he said. Instead, the United States shares the blame because much of the violence is centered around the Americans’ demand for illegal drugs and the fact that guns are smuggled into Mexico from the United States.

(Emphasis ours.)

Not only is Obama once again blaming America first, but he’s citing gun smuggling from the U.S. as cause of the violence. Uh, beg your pardon, Mr. President? Do you have time for a history lesson?

Obama’s Mexico speech- USA guns add to Mexico’s violence. NO $HIT Mr. Fast & Furious ATF Gun Walker.

— S.E. Woollen (@WeatherTower) May 3, 2013

The gall is strong with this one.

You mean #fastandfurious? Obama blames USA for drug violence in Mexico, cites GUN SMUGGLING as part of the problem

— Your Redness (@mchastain81) May 3, 2013

Then stop smuggling guns, BO! –>BHO blames America 4 drug violence in Mexico, cites GUN SMUGGLING as part of problem

— KarYn (@QueenofBiz) May 3, 2013

If you think a guy in hot water for gun smuggling into Mexico won’t criticize gun smuggling into Mexico, you’re wrong

— Adam Blaylock (@adampblaylock) May 3, 2013

@michellemalkin @trscoop Obama and Holder are the best gun smugglers in the world, they keep no records!

— John Kroenke (@stinkyDeMayo) May 3, 2013

Obama blames gun violence in Mexico on gun trafficking from US…But? He and Holder was trafficking guns to Mexico So, it’s HIS fault #TCOT

— Chris (@LibertyinOhio) May 3, 2013

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