Here’s The Hilariously Adorable Thing That Happens When You Ask A Kid Anything

Part of the reason why kids can be so fun to be around is getting to hear their unique perspectives on life and the world we live in.

To children, everything is magical and untainted by the harsh realities we have to live with as adults. It’s a mindset we all wish we could hold onto, which is why so many people say that kids keep you young.

Redditor MyUnAlteredMind is a dad who must known this all too well, because he thought it would be a great idea to let his three-year-old son share some of his wisdom by answering others’ questions online — and boy, he sure didn’t disappoint. Check out some of his best answers below and just try not to giggle.

1. What even is math anyway?

2. Well that was surprisingly deep.

3. Juice is life!

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