Once You See These 26 Things, Your World Will Be Turned Upside Down. Especially #7. Whoa.

It’s far too easy to go through life feeling sheltered. If we stay in our comfort zones, it’s so easy to miss on out on countless experiences, opportunities and facts (even if they are completely superfluous). Take this list of little known tidbits of information. Maybe you never thought to think about these things before… but now that you have, you can never forget them. Hopefully this inspires you to notice more in the world around you. (Also, we hope it inspires you to buy more cashews, because how they are grown is absolutely ridiculous.)

1.) This is how a model’s hair always looks so fluffed an awesome.

2.) A frightened frog is at the tip of every horse mask.

3.) This is how cashews are grown.

4.) Every Tolberone logo is hiding a bear.

5.) Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist are synonyms.

6.) Ducks look like they are wearing permanent dog masks.

7.) This is how a brick walkway is made.

8.) Oprah’s real name is “Orpah.”

9.) Pineapples don’t grow on trees. They grow on bushes.

10.) Sunkist actually says “Sinkist” in the logo.

11.) Luigi’s beard looks like a woman’s bra.

12.) Matthew Perry is missing part of his middle finger from accidentally shutting it in a door.

13.) Pi (3.14) spells “pie” backwards.

14.) Dogs and cats are hiding tiny teddy bears on their paws.

15.) Baby carrots are actually normal carrots that are shut down.

16.) A “%” sign is almost totally inappropriate.

17.) Wendy’s logo unintentionally includes the word “mom.”

18.) Big Bird’s puppeteer is probably pretty uncomfortable.

19.) The KFC logo looks like a stickman with a giant head.

20.) Every EXIT sign has a little house in it.

21.) If you turn a map of the Americas sideways, it looks like a duck.

22.) Turn 3:13 on its side. It looks like a king.

23.) We all have tiny Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hiding in our noses.

24.) The “No Smoking” sign is so close to being tragic.

25.) One of David Bowie’s eyes is permanently dilated.

26.) The word “bed” kind of looks like a bed.

(H/T BuzzFeed) Now, your world may never look the same way again. Even though these unique facts aren’t that important to your daily life, you know you’ll never unsee these things. Share them with your friends – this will make their brains hurt.

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