Patriotic Russian Cat Stands At Attention Each Time The Russian National Anthem Plays.

This hilarious and oddly strange home video of a cat standing at attention when its owner plays the Russian national anthem on his phone is taking the Internet by storm. That isn’t so surprising when you consider the Internet’s love for everything kitty. (Not to mention, this cat in particular is absolutely awesome.)

As soon as the chorus of the anthem starts, “Russia, our sacred homeland. Russia, our beloved country”, comrade kitty rears up on its hind legs, lifts its two front paws and maintains a rigid position for the duration of the song. As if saying “Re-purr-ting for duty Meow-ster Putin.”

(Source: LiveFocus West)

Of course, this is going to be much less funny and much more frightening five years from now when the hyper-nationalist cats of Russia are in a full conventional war with the felines of Western and Central Europe.

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