Sandra Fluke says Rush Limbaugh fight showed ‘the kind of leader that I am’!/back_ttys/status/472481382074445824

Sandra Fluke’s campaign recently declared victory over Rush Limbaugh, and now the California state senate candidate wants voters to know that her fight against the radio talk show host demonstrated her leadership qualities:!/SandraFluke/status/472477800876609537

“Leader”? How’s that exactly?

Many couldn’t figure it out:!/GOPMommy/status/472484193411158016!/US395/status/472482161006628864!/jneutron1969/status/472479359647772672!/EEElverhoy/status/472485876849602560!/bmcsmith92/status/472486161416744960!/chrismcm66/status/472486099504222208

Fluke has also helped lead a charge to #BanBossy, so that might be prominently featured on her “leadership” resume as well.

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