SpaceX launches first commercial satellite into orbit!/NASA/status/408007834811387904

The successful launch of an unmanned Falcon 9 rocket this afternoon marked the entry of private spaceflight company SpaceX into the commercial satellite market, as the SES-8 communications satellite was sent into orbit.

Just before launch, SpaceX founder Elon Musk sent his thanks.!/SpaceX/status/407933127156187136!/elakdawalla/status/408008338933182464!/viewofadam/status/408003505241079808!/SpaceX/status/408009640664784896!/jabe8/status/408011655683923968!/SpaceX/status/408013335943069696!/jscotti/status/408011069961945088!/DarylWMcB/status/408013127989469184

Reuters reports that private satellite launches could be a $190 billion a year global industry.

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