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‘That’s going to leave a mark’! Eric Cantor, others slam latest O-care delay [pic]

http://twitter.com/#!/Matthops82/status/432987968261738496 Rut-roh … looks like Obamacare’s hit another li’l glitch: http://twitter.com/#!/CNBC/status/432986620833587200 Delay? Say it ain’t so! CBS and Slate correspondent John Dickerson sure as hell didn’t see this coming: http://twitter.com/#!/johndickerson/status/432989035980935168 He may have been the only one: http://twitter.com/#!/justkarl/status/432989744222330880 We’d have been surprised if there hadn’t been yet another delay. http://twitter.com/#!/AG_Conservative/status/432987858362572800 Isn’t it, though? http://twitter.com/#!/charlescwcooke/status/432991019664416768 We must’ve missed that part. Sucks to be us. http://twitter.com/#!/charlescwcooke/status/432991374846468097 So, just as was the case during the last delay, inquiring minds can’t help but wonder: is any of this actually kosher? http://twitter.com/#!/RepDeSantis/status/432989713549369345 […]

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