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Ruh-roh … are unions partly to blame for ‘unbearable whiteness of liberal media’?

http://twitter.com/#!/dantebarry/status/465847066603040768 Writer Gabriel Arana’s new piece for the left-wing American Prospect is raising some eyebrows this morning, merely by acknowledging what conservatives have known for a long time: The liberal media is dominated by progressives of pallor. http://twitter.com/#!/aterkel/status/465860267445075968 You don’t say! It’s not just the Prospect. Journalism upstarts like Vox Media and FiveThirtyEighthave come under fire recently for lack of diversity in their hires, but that’s largely because they are drawing from the milky-white pool of “existing talent.” In the corner of the publishing industry that caters to college-educated wonks—a slightly fuzzy […]

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