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Don’t look now, but a Dem senator just supported ‘campus rape culture’ [pic]

http://twitter.com/#!/Matthops82/status/513688331071152128 Snort! As Twitchy reported, Sen. Mary Landrieu tossed her support over to … keg stands. Seriously; It happened. The mockery was bountiful and deserved and then Iowahawk weighed in with this excellent point: Mary Landrieu turns up at LSU game to support campus rape culture pic.twitter.com/rB1twx1BCW — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) September 21, 2014 Bam. Paging feminists! .@afglenn @dcbigjohn @ellencarmichael Shameful the way Sen. Mary Landrieu is enabling the campus alcohol culture that promotes #rapeculture. — Instapundit.com (@instapundit) September 21, 2014 Mary needs look at campus drinking […]

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