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‘Just nasty’: What exactly is WSJ trying to suggest with this piece on Dave Brat?

http://twitter.com/#!/Doc_0/status/476727326240432130 Oy vey. As Twitchy reported, lefties lamely tried to paint GOP Rep. Eric Cantor’s primary loss last night as evidence that the Tea Party is anti-Semitic. And for many conservatives, this Wall Street Journal piece by Reid Epstein isn’t much better: http://twitter.com/#!/hmfearny/status/476728120544727040 http://twitter.com/#!/Slublog/status/476726302326943745 See for yourselves: http://twitter.com/#!/Tyler_McNally/status/476724354987077632 Yeah? And? http://twitter.com/#!/Neal_Dewing/status/476725375838715904 http://twitter.com/#!/ThePantau/status/476733930985766912 Many can’t help but think Epstein is trying to stir up controversy where there really isn’t any. http://twitter.com/#!/AG_Conservative/status/476730862428766208 http://twitter.com/#!/meadabawdy/status/476727196900675585 http://twitter.com/#!/DraftRyan2016/status/476734449783435264 *** Related: Left pivots from ‘Tea Party is dead’ to ‘Tea Party hates Jews’ after […]

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