These 15 Awful Dates Might Just Make You Want To Stay Single Forever

If you’re feeling down about being single for Valentine’s Day, these 15 terrible date stories are about to change that.

I’ve had my own fair share of bad dates, but mine can’t even compare to what these Redditors have experienced. From awkward conversations over coffee to an encounter with a possible serial killer, these tales will make you glad that your Valentine’s Day plans consist of hanging out with your cat and watching Netflix.

1. “First date with a man I had met through a coworker. Takes me to Longhorn Steakhouse and loudly asks if I do anal. So loudly that people turn to look.”

2. “Went out on a blind date with this girl for coffee. During that time, she let me know that she thought she had a learning disability, that she had fetal alcohol syndrome, that she desperately wanted somebody to take care of her, and that she owed about $25,000 for several credit cards and unpaid bills. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.”

3. “First date and she wanted to come despite having to babysit that day. She repeatedly grumbled ‘Don’t be in it just for sex’ and made clear mention that the child was not hers, and that her child was the product of her father molesting her. She also had female pattern baldness.”

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