These Might Look Like Nature Photographs, But The Truth Is So Much Cuter

When it comes to viral content, there are few subjects more precious than amazing proposals and adorable pregnancy announcements. Not only do these couples get to immortalize some of their most important milestones, but they get to share them with the world in a way that brings us all a little bit closer together.

The only hard part is making your proposal or announcement stand out. After all, the Internet is teeming with them. What this couple created, however, might just be the most unique pregnancy announcement of all time. With a few crafting materials, some Photoshop work, and one seriously accommodating mama, these two created a special series that they’ll cherish forever.

Simon Schaffrath, the soon-to-be dad, created unique images in order to convey important messages for his little boy, Theo.

“Enjoy the moment.”

“You can reach everything.”

“Know your goals.”

“You will find your way.”

Cute, aren’t they? But these images go far beyond clever photo-editing skills. It might seem like Dad is the only one who made it in front of the camera, but take a closer look.

That’s right. Mom’s in there too. In fact, these photos would be totally empty without her.

When we said that this was the most unique pregnancy announcement of all time, we weren’t lying.

Using baby-safe (and mommy-safe) craft paints, adhesives, and embellishments, the two managed to incorporate Mom, Dad, and little Theo into each and every shot. They clearly have the whole “family bonding” thing down to a science!

As you can see, Dad was totally into modeling in the name of art.

And think of how still Theo’s mama had to sit while these photos were being staged. Patience is a mommy virtue, after all.

Even though we can’t see Theo yet, he’s pretty good at making his presence known.

According to Schaffrath, “Theo often kicked Mom’s belly, so the paste got some cracks, and we had to repair the landscape all the time.” These parents have their work cut out for them, but something tells us that they don’t mind one bit.

So what are they planning on doing with the photos, anyway?

They actually plan on hanging them in Theo’s nursery, so even when they’re sleeping (or trying to), they’ll always be watching over their little one.

(via Bored Panda)

What a special project, and what a lucky little boy. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to become the pride and joy of two endlessly dedicated parents. We wish these three nothing but the best!

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