This “Death Map” Will Tell You How You’re Most Likely To Die Based On Your Location.

My fellow Americans, prepare to find out how you’re going to die. Well, how you’re probably going to die.

Slate staff writer Ben Blatt sifted through data to find out how the people of each state are most likely to kick the bucket and presented the information in map form.

Assuming you know what state you live in, you should be able to discover how you’re seemingly going to meet your demise. Heart disease and cancer were excluded from the map because they were the top two killers in every state. Boring!

That’s some seriously tough news to swallow. Don’t get too upset, though. Try laughing the fact that you know how you’re most likely to die, which you inevitably will someday, by looking at this parody of the above map that was created by Moe Lane.

These causes of death are way more entertaining than heart disease.

(via Slate, Moe Lane)

Forget all of this “dying” business, I’m going to go live forever up in Canada! … Eh, not worth it.

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