This Sweet Dog Was Barely Alive When She Was Rescued — Wait ‘Til You See Her Now!

In early November, the Austin Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Unit received a call from a concerned citizen about a seemingly dead dog inside a crate. When Detective Ewa Wagner arrived at the scene, she was shocked to see that the dog was still clinging to life.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that a dog has been found locked inside a crate and left for dead. The devastating trend is no doubt one of the cruelest ways an owner can get rid of an unwanted animal. While many shelters do charge a fee for owner relinquishment, leaving a dog trapped, thirsty, and starving is not the answer.

As Wagner approached the crate, she was certain that the dog inside was dead. Then, she noticed that it was breathing.

Immediately, Wagner rushed her to the Austin Animal Center. The veterinary technician on duty, Elizabeth Mancera, promised to do all she could to save the dog’s life, but everyone knew the situation was grim.

Over the next two hours, Mancera gave the dog a bath and used a hair dryer on her in an effort to raise her body temperature. Incredibly, she began to perk up.

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