Tiger Woods tweets his own injury status, says he’s ‘hopeful’ for next week.


Twitchy reported Sunday afternoon that Tiger Woods had withdrawn from the WGC with a noticeable limp. Later, Woods reported that his injury was, in fact, to the same Achilles tendon he injured last year. That caused some to doubt whether he would be able to compete in the Masters tournament early next month.

Not to worry, though, thanks to a tweet tonight from his official Twitter account. He said his injury was minor and he was “hopeful” to compete next week at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill.

Golf fans all over Twitter rejoiced at the news and sent many an encouraging tweet.


@TigerWoods great news good Sir!

— keith_williams (@krwillia) March 13, 2012

@TigerWoods Best wishes for a speedy recovery. We're pulling for you!

— Larry Dunson (@larrydunson) March 13, 2012

@TigerWoods I hope you make a speedy recovery.The way you play golf is exciting and I think the golf world still loves to see it.

— Matt Swain (@Matt1609) March 13, 2012

Even this guy was happy, though it’s possible he was rooting for someone a bit more bouncy and flouncy than Woods.

@TigerWoods Good luck tigger, the PGA needs you. Don't rush back if your not a 100%. Seen to many good stars come back early and burn out.

— Doug Menzies (@noleash55) March 13, 2012

It wasn’t all praise and back-patting, though. Twitter being what it is and Tiger being who he is, there were a few less than appreciative Tweets.

@TigerWoods so that's what you hit now? Whatever happened to blondes in Blue Martini? lol #orlando

— Jessica Reyes (@jessicareyes) March 13, 2012

@TigerWoods you couldn't tough out 6 more holes? Somehow you played 90 holes on a 'torn acl.' Do you drive with your L or R foot?

— BumblingIdiot (@deadhorsem) March 13, 2012

@TigerWoods awesome I didn't want u to lose your #1 ranking…… Oh, wait…

— bsculls (@BSculls) March 13, 2012

It’s good to know that Tiger won’t be out for any length of time. Golf is a lot more fun when Tiger’s in the pack.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/03/12/tiger-woods-tweets-his-own-injury-status-says-hes-hopeful-for-next-week/

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