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When These People Had A Dance-Off, There Was A Very Clear (And Very Small) Winner

When this little guy hit the floor recently, he gave practiced dancers a run for their money. And the whole scene was adorable, obviously. He laid down the slay at the Festival Rumbateate in Camaguey, Cuba, giving everyone in the crowd their full life in the process. This little dude has some serious moves, and much to his competitors’ dismay, he’s not afraid to use them. The other dancers didn’t stand a chance. Not even sort of. I mean, look at him. YouTube / Lourdes Cruz They […]

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These 22 Kids Failed So Hard, They Should Probably Go Back In The Womb. Unreal!

If you’re a parent (or at least know some new parents), then you know that watching a child grow up can be a life changing experience. Watching them learn, grow and love is one of the most amazing blessings you could ever have. Also, it’s pretty great when they have some epic fails. Take these kids for example. They thought they knew what they were doing, but as it turns out, they were heading straight towards a fail. Thanks to modern technology, their parents will never let […]

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