14 Years After His Death, His Family Received A Note He Wrote To His Future Self

One of the assignments high school English teachers sometimes give is the opportunity for students to write notes to their future selves.

It takes a lot of commitment to give students this task because those teachers have to mail their former students’ letters one, five, or 10 years later. Daryl Hutchins was one of these dedicated teachers. Hutchins asked his students to write notes predicting their futures and the future of the country.

Aaron Vickers, one of the students who wrote a message to himself, tragically died in a drive-by shooting when he was 17 years old.

When his former teacher learned Vickers had passed away, he tracked down his sister Tyra Vickers-Kearney on Facebook.

“The days waiting for the letter, the anticipation was so high. We were wondering, what did the letter say? You know, I hope it’s not like a one-liner,” Vickers-Kearney told CBS Sacramento.

The note was actually four pages long and very detailed. It spoke of his desire to have a daughter. He also looked ahead to the political landscape, saying we would “probably have a black vice president” and accurately predicting that “maybe a woman would run for president.”

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Thanks to one persistent English teacher, this family now has something they can treasure forever. They are still hopeful that his murderer will come forward.

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