Day 1: ‘Hey, What’s That Kid Doing To His Closet Door?’ Day 90: ‘Wow!!’

A Reddit user decided to paint his bedroom closet doors, probably to liven up the place to impress the ladies. But his goal wasn’t easy. He was going to recreate The Great Wave off Kanagawa, a famous Japanese wood block print (and quite possibly one of the most famous pieces of Japanese art in the world). No wonder it took him three whole months.

Cleaning the two huge, dark brown closet doors off before starting to paint.

After the background blue was painted on, he began drawing the picture.

He wasn’t able to use the whole print, so he had to choose a piece of it and create a grid to make sure he was keeping everything proportional.

He began painting the waves by adding the white.

All of the details understandably took months to paint…

But the result was epic.

I just hope his parents don’t move any time soon.

The Great Wave closet door mural ended up being a total success, even though it took months to finish. Now, any guest he has will either think that he is an artistic, interesting guy… or his room smells WAY too much like paint fumes. Source: Reddit Hopefully it’s not the latter. Share his awesome work of art, he deserves it.

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