If You Don’t Believe In Miracles, You Should See What Happened Here. It Left Me Asking, ‘HOW?’

A Reddit user that works as a pilot with the Flying Medical service in Africa recently experienced something terrible and miraculous… and he needs our help. Listen to his story: I’m a pilot with Flying Medical Service in Tanzania. We provide child vaccinations, pregnant mother check-ups, and we see patients for any ailment (see an album of the organization’s work here). Along with the clinics, we are available for emergency flights. The only reason I’m posting these pictures, basically, is to try and help the organization fund raise for a replacement plane. I’m hoping this gets us some traffic to our site, where we’re trying a crowd-funding thing. Either way, enjoy the pics!

While flying a N36MS plane during a normal run, something awful happened.

Due to pilot error, his plane didn’t come to a halt until 200 feet away from an acacia tree, which he hit with his wing.

The plane crashed to the ground in the manner you see in this gallery. It doesn’t look like anyone should have survived.

There were 5 people on board, the two sitting up front sustained the least injuries. The two in the middle got fractured pelvises, and the one in the back had face injuries but nothing internal.

Even though this crash happened last week, everyone is already out of the hospital.

It’s hard to believe that anyone was able to walk away from this.

“The work we do involves risky flying. Low-level fly-overs looking for animals and holes in the ground. Close passes to scare zebras out of our way.. etc. But this time, I was leaving a clinic and as had become the custom, a group of the people had gathered to watch me take off and do a “goodbye fly-by” (with the passenger’s agreement) before heading off to the next clinic.”

“[That day] however, conditions were different. I had different than normal weight in the plane, with a different distribution. The humidity, heat, and wind were also abnormal. I had been meticulous with all my calculated flying up until I performed this maneuver, and I guess I just got too comfortable and didn’t alter my technique to match the conditions.”

“It never needed to happen. I almost pulled it out of the dive (as evidenced by the upward slope I cut thru the bushes), if it wasn’t for that one tree…”

It’s unfortunate that the plane was destroyed in the accident, but the pilot and passengers are so lucky that no one sustained greater injuries or was called. If you’d like to help the good people at the Flying Medical Service replace their plane, please donate to their cause at their site. Source: Reddit It’s seriously hard to believe that everyone survived this. What a story.

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