Tasteless: American Apparel touts ‘Hurricane Sandy Sale,’ Twitterers furious


Marketing and natural disasters: How many times do you have to be told? Just DON’T do it, boys and girls. ow.ly/eSO2x As you were.

— Adam Reader (@AdamDReader) October 30, 2012

Over the past several days, Hurricane Sandy has been wreaking havoc on the East Coast, flooding cities and leaving thousands without power and without homes. Evidently, American Apparel looked at the destruction and saw a marketing opportunity. Last night, the clothing company sent out an email touting a special “Hurricane Sandy Sale” for those living in states affected by the storms:

American Apparel being an exploitative entity doing something in questionable taste? you don’t say. twitter.com/vertizontal/st…

— aes (@vertizontal) October 30, 2012

Needless to say, this move did not go over well:

@mattsnod I got an email from American Apparel with a 20% “hurricane discount” and the words “bored? Time for online shopping”. Horrible.

— Tom Miale (@tmiale) October 30, 2012

I am disappointed by the American Apparel Hurricane Sandy sale, available to states that were hit because they must be “bored.”

— Rebecca Wickel (@rebeccawickel) October 30, 2012

American Apparel…you suck. twitpic.com/b8t5f4

— Derek Moore (@radioderekmoore) October 30, 2012

Way to keep it classy American Apparel. instagr.am/p/RaOOcGPk_0/

— OG (@OGLamboLando) October 30, 2012

Disturbing. Disrespectful. And Totally insensitive.RT @johannabarr: American Apparel, are you KIDDING me?#Sandy twitter.com/JohannaBarr/st…

— Pamela Tyll (@pamelatyll) October 30, 2012

And just when you thought @americanapparel couldn’t get anymore slimier…. ow.ly/eSJ5o

— broccarter (@broccarter) October 30, 2012

American Apparel and the most insensitive ad campaign of all time#custserv bit.ly/T0igEr

— Seb Reeve (@rrreevo) October 30, 2012

Who sits in a boardroom and pitches this shit? #fired American Apparel Angers Twittersphere With ‘Hurricane Sandy Sale’ ow.ly/eSHxp

— Felicia Yonter (@FeliciaCago) October 30, 2012

Sickening. #prssa RT @lo573: Wow. RT “@mikeferri: American Apparel is pathetic. twitter.com/MikeFerri/stat…“”

— Chris Piedmont (@cpiedmo) October 30, 2012

american apparel having a ‘hurricane sandy sale’. stay classy, douchebags.

— ellen (@0range_Jews) October 30, 2012

cannot believe american apparel are offing 20% while hurrianne sandy is happening! awful #ap

— Phil Coffin (@mrphilcoffin) October 30, 2012

@cschweitz @americanapparel yeah that is super gross! You stay classy american ugly apparel!

— Kristen Cowden (@KDC3000) October 30, 2012

nicely insensitive, @americanapparel dlvr.it/2PZGMP

— Liz (@captainboo) October 30, 2012

So stupid I dont know whT to say. People devastated. And AA does this? Idiots. American Apparel ‘Hurricane Sandy Sale’ flpbd.it/WCu1a

— jtarantino (@jtarantino) October 30, 2012

Yup. Very irresponsible. RT @bunnyink: Really? American Apparel had a Hurricane Sandy Sale -___-

— John S. Wilson (@JohnWilson) October 30, 2012

Oh American Apparel, you utter morons – ow.ly/eSlNc.

— Jamie McHale (@Jamie_McHale) October 30, 2012

Only American Apparel would capitalize on a natural disaster. How pathetic? twitter.com/evuhbee3/statu…

— Eva B. (@evuhbee3) October 30, 2012

Not okay at all. RT @laurenkgray: Why would they post this? #damagecontrol RT @mikeferri: American Apparel is pathetic. twitter.com/MikeFerri/stat…

— Lisa Jablon (@lisajablon) October 30, 2012

Attempting to cash in on people’s suffering is truly disgusting. Shame on American Apparel.

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