This Short Video Will Remind You Not To Worry About The Little Things.

This short film called Light Rain was based on a true story written by Bob Perks and the premise of it is very simple.

When a sweet little girl asks her mother why they are sheltering from the rain, and not running through it, her mother tells her that they’d get soaked. But then the little girl says the most amazing thing that changes the mother’s mind, making her dash through the rain with her daughter by her side.

What the little girl says reminds us of the need to avoid becoming weighed down by the trivial hindrances that soak our paths on a daily basis. There are always people in worse situations with real troubles and that should put our small daily problems in to perspective. Perhaps things aren’t as bad as they first seem.

(Source: imageynation)

We should all try to look at things from a child’s perspective every once in a while, we’d all be more loving and caring and we wouldn’t worry so much about the little things in life.

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