A Vet Took In A Sick Cat. Three Years Later, They Made A Shocking Discovery.

Most house pets dread a trip to the vet…but when a cat named Cotone went to the doctor’s office recently, he never could have known the happy surprise waiting for him!

Back in 2013, the Sicconi family moved with their two orange tabbies. Unfortunately, though, Tuffo wandered away from home. He didn’t return and for three years, they thought the worst. The family moved on, but Cotone was never quite the same.

Then one day, they went to the veterinarian’s office and were shocked with the surprise of a lifetime. A cat named Billy leapt into the family’s arms. He looked an awful lot like their Tuffo! When they asked where this mysterious cat had come from and what he’d gone through, they couldn’t believe what they heard!

Three years ago, an elderly cat was brought to Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital in dire shape.

Emaciated and weighing only seven pounds, Billy was brought back to life by the workers at the veterinarian’s clinic and was adopted by them as their official office cat!

Flash forward three years…Billy had seen clients come and go from the office, but this family was entirely different.

Perking up, the old cat did something he never did before — he leapt into the arms of some clients that walked in!

Quickly learning that this was their Tuffo living under the name Billy, his family was incredibly excited to have him back.

When the cats were reunited at home, it was almost like they couldn’t believe it!

And though the workers at the veterinarian’s office were sad to see Billy go, they know he’s back where he truly belongs!

(via The Dodo)

If you’d like to continue following along with Tuffo’s story and how he’s adjusting back to life with the family, be sure to check out his Facebook page.

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