An Ordinary Dude's Guide to Enlightenment

Beer drinkin’ dudes can be enlightened, too. While many enlightenment books suggest that a life of purity, angelic behavior, and a clean diet are required for inner peace–the truth isn’t so black and white. I was once like many seekers. On a spiritual quest to cast out my own feelings of emptiness and inadequacy. The big questions bothered me: Who am I? How can I find the inner peace I so desperately crave? What is the purpose of my life? After nearly a half decade search for answers, hundreds of hours spent in meditation, and even more time spent reading philosophy, spiritual and Buddhist books, a meeting with an enlightened teacher transformed me: the seeker became an ordinary dude. In this guide you’ll find no gurus. No monks. No mystics. But instead a dude just like you…perhaps someone you’d meet in a bar and chat about life’s big questions till the early hours of the morning. While you’ll learn that enlightenment is much more ordinary than you think, you’ll discover a not-so-ordinary understanding of life and the world we live in. If you want to put the spiritual quest behind you, escape the pressures of the modern world and endless search for completeness, and find contentment in everyday life, then I invite you to pull up a bar stool, crack a beer, and stay up with me till the wee hours.

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