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‘Thank you, God’: Jake Tapper promises viewers a Bieber-free broadcast [Vine]!/jaketapper/status/426457403081891840 Whoa … for reals? Now, our readers know that we’re always happy to cover Justin Bieber’s shenanigans, but believe it or not, some people aren’t all that interested in what The Biebs is up to. Those people can rest assured knowing they have a friend in Jake Tapper.!/sepinwall/status/426457577573347328 It is now:!/jaketapper/status/426459207383408641 Tapper’s not a Belieber? Go figure!!/rgrybred/status/426459876991434754 Looks like Tapper made the right call:!/Kirstycat1209/status/426461446067597313!/amg503/status/426460566396227584!/PogoWasRight/status/426459674121371650 *** Related: Twitchy coverage of Justin Bieber Twitchy coverage of Jake Tapper Read more:

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