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#DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT: DiGiorno ‘still not over’ #TheSoundOfMusicLive snub!/DiGiornoPizza/status/408767675838390273 Poor DiGiorno. Always the bridesmaid. But that didn’t stop the pizza company from capitalizing on Thursday night’s performance of “The Sound of Music Live!” As related hashtags dominated Twitter, DiGiorno live-tweeted the show to mixed reviews.!/amylutz4/status/408798441255366656!/Lisellle/status/408802735610658816!/rachelveronica/status/408787073110261762!/LilMissRightie/status/408798614543032320 Tasty? Half-baked? Whatever the verdict on the company’s social media strategy, DiGiorno definitely got people talking.!/TrendsNewYork/status/408788566404104192 Here are the tweets:!/DiGiornoPizza/status/408771689858596864 DOUGH a crust an unbaked crust RAY, a guy that likes pizza ME a pizza liked by a guy named ray FAH no idea what fah […]

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