If You Live With A Furry Friend, You Should Know The Best Way To Clean Up Their Hair

Pets. Are. Incredible.

Having a pet dog, cat, rodent, bird, reptile, or rock can add so much joy to your life. In fact, there are concrete health benefits related to owning a pet.

(Adorable Corgi butts are just one additional benefit.) But when you have a large, furry friend around the house, their hair can take over your life…unless you know some tricks.

This is how you can keep loving your pets without getting annoyed by their hair.

The squeegee method is tried and true for both furniture and carpets, but there are other tricks you should try when you get desperate to see your couch instead of your labrador’s last coat:

  • Using lint rollers on furniture
  • Wiping down furniture with rubber gloves
  • Investing in a vacuum that is built for removing pet hair
  • Adopting a hairless cat

…which is obviously the most adorable alternative.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/cleaning-pet-hair/

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