Report: John McCain ‘good-naturedly’ calls colleague Bob Corker ‘traitor’!/PeterNicholas3/status/383696608073756672

It would be a worthwhile news story just to hear that Sen. John McCain said something good-naturedly, especially to a fellow Republican. But for McCain to call fellow Sen. Bob Corker — also absent from the list of 19 Republicans who voted against cloture and Obamacare — a “traitor,” even as a joke, just goes to show where McCain proudly stands between the aisles of the Senate.

He wasn’t so good-natured when he labeled Sen. Ted Cruz and company “wacko birds,” and this morning Corker accused Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah of grandstanding out of a desire for the spotlight.

The spotlight was on the entire Senate today as they voted, and conservatives weren’t so good natured about the traitors congratulating each other over their victory.!/jmaejr/status/383706283397767168!/Rhoadie2012/status/383702052574339072!/P226_Sig/status/383698549231595520!/MatthewKBurke/status/383629366728482817

There’s no love lost for Corker either.!/jimprain/status/383645418120577024

Corker doesn’t seem to be bothered by his new nickname.!/PeterNicholas3/status/383700504573784064

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